As we have talked about in previous blogs, regardless of when you plan to have us help you sell your home or have us find you that perfect new place for your family – the prevailing market conditions works for and against you evenly, and predicting when these swails in the market start and, more importantly, when they are going to finish is – well, let’s just say extremely challenging. That proverbial crystal ball would be an epic addition to my attaché, so if you find one please let me know! That being said, it looks like our spring market has arrived, it’s historically (except for last year) the fastest moving market of the year and usually last a few months before those dog days of summer holidays level things off a little. It’s interesting to see what’s happening out there with prices, some still look at this time last year and feel that their house has to have gone up, but that’s what real estate does. We know that isn’t reality, and sadly there are listings appearing with that dream apparent in the price, which says to me that some homeowners are listing with an overly emotional mindset, and are being setup for a difficult road of hurry up and wait, frustration and finally a reality check – where last year’s million dollar home is now under $750,000. It’s easier to list realistically than to put out a big dream, build your hopes and have to reduce, reduce, reduce… the stress of each hit creates baggage nobody needs to carry around at what should be an exciting time. Which leads me into my net snippet, it seems so many of the new listing I see popping up aren’t being presented with the TLC that we so traditionally see. It’s the spring market, time to clean up the trash, check the downspouts, rake some sand and salt and leaves from the lawn. I’m not saying to paint (too cold), or dethatch your lawn (probably still frozen an inch down), but 10 minutes with a garbage bag, 20 minutes with a light rake and another 15 washing a few windows to let the sun shine in can add a moment of optimism to an approaching buyer, instead of a sigh of disappointment at signs of obvious neglect. Thousands of new listings are coming on the market now, buyers have choice and this isn’t something they have enjoyed for a few years now – so when they take the time to come see what your home has to offer make sure you are ready to show them! Remember, the most caring thing you can do for friends and family is refer them professionals you know they can trust! mccarthomes.com

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