So it only took a couple weeks into the new year for me to slip and miss a blog post or 2. It’s amazing how life can get in the way of the things that know to be most most important, but alas maybe not as immediately pertinent to our daily operations.  So what’s my excuse, I moved!  Having moved a few times in the past 5 years, I am learning the process really well!  Some of the highlights are to follow, but rest assured each move is different and filled with it’s own unique bundle of challenges.


Let’s start with the pre-move: so you know the move is coming and you are bellying up to the list, what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.  My list looked something like:


1: Book a moving company – I have used 3 and can’t recommend any of them.  They are expensive and tend to move slowly “milking” the hours and take many breaks, even charging you to stop for lunch.  That being said, for the most part there has been so significant damage to anything, so the possibility exists that the speed at which they work is just the nature of the beast – but when you see it you will know, and, in the end don’t stress too much over that part – it seems to be it is what it is and will get done, at the speed they move whatever that is!

2: Investigate your new services, gas, electric, phone if you have it, television services if you have them, internet if you have it, insurance, water and sewer. You need to plan your move out date at current address, move in date to new address, any overlap in required services (which means bridging mortgage as well).  Most companies are pretty good about overlap, Rogers seems to demand you end service and start and the new service and can’t accommodate an overlap. Just something to expect in the process.

3: Personal major items of note: Your auto insurance, drivers license & health card (done together at Services Ontario), Passport, Ontario Outdoors card, Credit card(s), Banking services, CRA (https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency.html).

4: Other items to think about: Most of us have used some online shopping services over the years, so consider checking things like amazon.ca, ebay.ca, paypal.com to just name a few. As well we all have loyalty cards, Shoppers Optimum, Air Miles, Petro Points, Esso Extra, PC Plus, aeroplan, and that list can go on as well! Maybe you take part in some of the hospital lotteries and want them to find you with their often appealing early bird offers, so those are worth checking and changing your address as well.


Once you have all of these things updated with your new address, you can start with the next phase of this process, the packing!  I have found that Uhaul sells 4 sizes of boxes by the bundle and their Medium boxes are a great size for many reasons, hold large items, very strong, good size without being too huge. I tend to pack a bottom layer in the box of items, books, stuff, then clothes and towels or whatever to fill the box but keep the weight manageable for all those who have to move it and to keep the built in box handles intact as well.  I know it seems a little OCD – but try to label each box with more than “kitchen” or “living room” or even worse “bedroom”.  There will be boxes you need to open to function that night or day 1 – and having 11 “bedroom” boxes for 4 rooms when all you want is a lamp or the blots for a bed that you know are there somewhere – causes so much stress.  Make a few clear notes on each box so you know what you are going to find, which room it goes to and what will help you get to the items you need on moving day faster and easier.  Hanging clothes are always a challenge, I just group 5-8 hangars together (tie them together with tape, twist tie, wire ties, or I use the green plant tie wrap you can get at the dollar store) then wrap a coat around them and zip it up, makes for manageable bundles and keeps them quite flat and clean.  


Remember, moving out is a great time to purge items, tupperware lids, old clothes, unused small appliances, old magazines and books, why pack and move and unpack it if you don’t really want it! Remember a fresh start doesn’t need 20 years of accumulated stuff.


Try to move things around in the new house as little as possible, save time and effort, so take a moment and plan your kitchen a little before you start just emptying boxes and filling cupboards. With a logical plan you can empty boxes methodically and have a better than average chance of finding what you need in the next morning when all you want is a piece of toast with peanut butter and a cup of coffee.


I can tell from personal experience here, there is a whole lot on your mind and a list of questions a mile long that comes with just about every single step of it.  Remember we are here for you, we have done this over and over again and we know how to deal with it or how to find the answers.  You wouldn’t refer a Realtor to your friends and family who wasn’t there to offer help, guidance and peace of mind now would you!  None of us wants that!  mccarthomes.com

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