6/16/18 Buyers Beware

Buyers beware!!! I have noticed one thing that many, many current listings have in common, the sellers are trying to benefit from that imaginary adage “hindsight is 20/20”. There are still many people listing their houses at last springs prices hoping that the only comparables out there support their dreams of living in the past.That ll being said, now is where buyers really need to be patient and diligent; if you find the house you want, and it’s potentially over priced – sometimes by 20% or more, how do you offer? What do you do if you are going into competition, you hold your ground is what you do. Historically when competing offers are being tabled, people start dropping conditions, accepting close dates that aren’t compatible, offering more than they think it’s worth (adding a personal value to their wants) and when the house starts off listed $200,000 too high as it is – how do you offer with confidence when in competition? Like I said, now is not the time to fight fire with a cheque book, if you must have an offer in on that house, you need to stay smart and offer what you would have without the other offer(s). Unfortunately not everyone can do that, and then we end up with 1 purchaser who had more money than sense and will start a very precarious paper trail of recovering markets or strengthening prices. Sad that it holds as both: proof that someone was willing to pay that amount in an area, yet the market as a whole holds fast at a softer price point. This is what I have been telling you for years, buying a home, what a hugely emotional time for most people, when your emotions are allowed to make the decisions – it usually ends costing more than your logical, responsible mind would have wanted. Knowing that you have calmer heads in your corner, calmer heads you can trust to not let your emotions lead you down a path you will regret. McCartHomes.com, you become the best by caring about what you do and whom you do it for! Sellers, stay tuned we will celebrate your opportunities soon!

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