7/30/18 Little Things

Saturday a week ago I was in the local grocery store and I wanted some fresh broccoli for a salad but the produce they had on the shelf was soft and wilted and not quite fresh salad worthy, so I asked the dude working in the produce section if they had a fresh box in the back – he cheerily said i know we do, he ran off got the whole box and I picked my crowns and moved on. After I paid I asked a random employee who was in charge, manager or whatever and she said the owner and her face just dropped. I asked to speak with him, and she hesitated with a shaky – are you sure? I said yes of course and he came out moments later, looking very “customer service beaten down”, which anyone who deals with a steady stream of the public knows exactly the look I mean! I reached out, shook his hand and just said “you have a dude working in produce, shorter than me with a small pony tail” his eyes rolled a little and looked like he was trying desperately to either choke on his tongue and die or mutter a response, he managed an affirming “yes, and…” – I told him” that guy is working hard doing a great job, I asked him for help he was cheery and helpful and solved my request quickly and perfectly and I wanted to say thanks and let you know he is a credit to your store” The smile that beamed from the owners face, the life that bounced back into his gaze and the confidence that fueled his new posture was inspiring. That 45 seconds of my time, to pay a small compliment to a guy who was working hard and doing a good job and deserved a moment of recognition was just what everyone needed at FreshCo on a Saturday morning! Side Note: as much as they loved hearing it, and I’m sure the dude in produce got to hear about it as well, I walked away feeling like I had left a little ray of sunshine for a few people who deserved it  

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